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Teen Paladin in Peril Alt1 by Komblkaurn
Teen Paladin in Peril Alt1
Here we can see the monstrosity grab its struggling victim with a powerful, tentacle like tongue. Notice the mandibles of the creature, outstretched, ready to seize the prey.
Teen Paladin in Peril
Before she can react young Syndori is pulled to the ground, her leg caught by the long, slimy tongue of the slithering beast. She reaches desperately for her sword, just out of reach, as the tongue gropes its way up her leg.
Startled Paladin by Komblkaurn
Startled Paladin
The young teen paladin struts through the dungeon like a seasoned fashion model on a runway, imagining how good she will look with new, shiny loot items to wear. There was sure to be something sexy which would garner more attention from older men, who discreetly looked at her from the corner of their eyes as she passed them in the street. She knew they all wanted her, and did their best to hide it while showering her with attention at the same time. How she would tease them even more, she could just feel their lustful, hungry eyes on her now.

Suddenly, Syndori hears an unsettling sliding sound behind her in the darkness, and the glint of something massive in the shadows. She quickly changes her stance and begins to turn around, now without the foolish overconfidence she had a second ago...
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